ICIP 2018 Paper Review Categories

* indicates that this line can be assigned as a paper's topic.

1:SRD: Image & Video Sensing, Representation, and Display
 1.1:SRD-SEN Image & Video Sensing and Acquisition
  1.1.1*:Scanning, sampling and quantization
  1.1.2*:Sensor systems and distributed sensing
  1.1.3*:Video stabilization and autofocus
  1.1.4*:Intrinsic and extrinsic camera model estimation
  1.1.5*:Coded aperture systems
  1.1.6*:Omnidirectional imaging and plenoptics
  1.1.7*:Scanners and cameras
  1.1.8*:Imaging sensors
  1.1.9*:High dynamic range imaging
 1.2:SRD-REP Image & Video Representation and Modeling
  1.2.1*:System and image-prior modeling
  1.2.2*:Bayesian methods
  1.2.3*:Statistical regularization techniques
  1.2.4*:Model selection
  1.2.5*:Algorithms for iterative and recursive estimation
  1.2.6*:Noise and system models
  1.2.7*:Natural image models
  1.2.8*:Morphological models
  1.2.9*:Graphical and tree-based models
  1.2.10*:Semantic models
  1.2.11*:Multi-scale and multi-orientation representation
  1.2.12*:Geometry and texture representation
  1.2.13*:Object based representation
  1.2.14*:Hierarchical representation
  1.2.15*:Sparse representation
 1.3:SRD-SRV Image & Video Synthesis, Rendering, and Visualization
  1.3.1*:Image rendering
  1.3.2*:Texture synthesis
  1.3.3*:Visualization and graphic rendering
  1.3.4*:Image and video synthesis
  1.3.5*:Image-based representation and rendering
 1.4:SRD-HPM Image & Video Perception and Quality Models
  1.4.1*:Human visual system modeling
  1.4.2*:Perceptually optimized algorithms and methods
  1.4.3*:Quality metrics and assessment tools
2:TEC: Image & Video Processing Techniques
 2.1:TEC-PRC Linear and Nonlinear Filtering
  2.1.1*:Linear and nonlinear filtering
  2.1.2*:Morphological filtering
  2.1.3*:Regression techniques
 2.2:TEC-PDE Partial Differential Equation Based Processing
  2.2.1*:Level set methods
  2.2.2*:Anisotropic diffusion
 2.3:TEC-MRS Multiresolution Processing
  2.3.2*:Filter banks
  2.3.4*:Multigrid methods
  2.3.5*:Hierarchical processing
 2.4:TEC-RST Restoration and Enhancement
  2.4.1*:Contrast enhancement, deblurring and denoising
  2.4.2*:Multiframe image restoration
  2.4.3*:Inpainting and image synthesis
 2.5:TEC-ISR Interpolation, Super-resolution, and Mosaicing
  2.5.1*:Interpolation and superresolution
3:COM: Image & Video Communications
 3.1:COM-COD Lossless and Lossy coding
  3.1.1*:Transform coding
  3.1.2*:Perceptual coding
  3.1.3*:Motion compensated coding
  3.1.4*:Wavelet-based coding
  3.1.5*:Scalable coding
  3.1.7*:Image/Video compression standards
  3.1.8*:Distributed coding
  3.1.9*:Multispectral and biomedical image compression
  3.1.10*:Lossless and near lossless coding
  3.1.11*:Predictive coding
  3.1.12*:Reversible transforms
 3.2:COM-ERC Error Resilience and Channel Coding
  3.2.1*:Joint source/channel coding
  3.2.2*:Error resilience and error concealment
  3.2.3*:Video streaming
  3.2.4*:Content adaptation
 3.3:COM-NET Image & Video Networked Communications
  3.3.1*:Sensor networks
  3.3.3*:Image and video communication protocols
  3.3.4*:Multimedia with image and video content
  3.3.5*:Multimedia event synchronization
  3.3.6*:Multimedia coding and transmission
4:ECI: Electronic and Computational Imaging
 4.1:ECI-COL Color and Multispectral Imaging
  4.1.1*:Color imaging
  4.1.2*:Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging
 4.2:ECI-DOC Scanned Document Processing
  4.2.1*:Quantization and halftoning
  4.2.2*:Display and printing systems
  4.2.3*:Print quality assessment
  4.2.4*:Page segmentation
  4.2.5*:Text/graphics/picture classification
  4.2.6*:Background suppression
  4.2.7*:Optical character recognition
  4.2.8*:Binary image coding
  4.2.9*:Document analysis and synthesis
 4.3:ECI-STE Stereoscopic, Multiview, and 3D Processing
  4.3.1*:Stereo image processing
  4.3.2*:Multiview image processing
  4.3.3*:3D modeling & synthesis
  4.3.4*:Camera calibration
  4.3.5*:Stereoscopic, multiview and 3-D coding
  4.3.6*:Stereoscopic and multiview displays and systems
 4.4:ECI-IMT Computational Imaging Methods and Models
  4.4.1*:Compressed Sensing
  4.4.2*:Statistical Image Models
  4.4.3*:Sparse and Low Rank Models
  4.4.4*:Graphical Image Models
  4.4.5*:Learning-Based Models
  4.4.6*:Perceptual Image Models
 4.5:ECI-CIF Computational Image Formation & Reconstruction
  4.5.1*:Sparsity-Based Reconstruction
  4.5.2*:Statistically-Based Inversion
  4.5.3*:Multi-Image & Sensor Fusion
  4.5.4*:Optimization-based Inversion Methods
  4.5.5*:Inverse methods
  4.5.6*:Tomography and reconstruction
5:IVA: Image & Video Analysis
 5.1:IVA-SEG Image & Video Segmentation
  5.1.2*:Edge and boundary detection
  5.1.3*:Active-contour and level-set methods
 5.2:IVA-MOT Motion Estimation and Analysis
  5.2.1*:Motion estimation and optical flow
 5.3:IVA-SHA Shape Analysis
  5.3.1*:Shape classification
  5.3.2*:Morphological analysis methods
  5.3.3*:Shape models and metrics
  5.3.4*:Stochastic shape and region models
  5.3.5*:Local features
 5.4:IVA-TEX Texture Analysis
  5.4.1*:Texture representation and description
  5.4.2*:Texture classification
 5.5:IVA-REG Image Registration, Fusion, and Matching
  5.5.1*:Mosaicing, registration and alignment
  5.5.2*:Multi-image fusion
6:IVIU: Image & Video Interpretation & Understanding
 6.1:IVIU-DET Object Detection and Tracking
  6.1.1*:Detection and tracking of objects
 6.2:IVIU-REC Object Recognition and Classification
  6.2.1*:Object recognition and classification
 6.3:IVIU-LRE Image & Video Labeling and Retrieval
  6.3.1*:Indexing and retrieval
  6.3.2*:Browsing, navigation and relevance feedback
  6.3.3*:Metadata extraction and semantic analysis
  6.3.4*:Video shot, scene, and event detection
  6.3.5*:Content summarization
  6.3.6*:Multimodal retrieval involving image and video
 6.4:IVIU-3D 3-D Reconstruction
  6.4.2*:Pose estimation
 6.5:IVIU-VAE Video Action and Event Analysis
  6.5.1*:Change detection
  6.5.2*:Foreground/background segregation
  6.5.3*:Scene analysis
7:IFS: Information Forensics & Security
 7.1:IFS-WAT Image & Video Watermarking, Steganography and Data Hiding
  7.1.1*:Theoretical models for watermarking and data hiding
  7.1.2*:Watermarking and data hiding algorithms
  7.1.3*:Benchmarking and security analysis
  7.1.4*:Steganography and steganalysis
 7.2:IFS-BIM Image & Video Biometric Analysis
  7.2.1*:Fingerprint analysis
  7.2.2*:Face and gesture recognition and tracking
  7.2.3*:Iris and retinal analysis
  7.2.4*:Other biometric modalities
  7.2.5*:Multi-modal biometrics
  7.2.6*:Security and privacy management of biometrics
 7.3:IFS-FOR Image & Video Forensics
  7.3.1*:Natural content forensics
  7.3.2*:Imaging sensor forensics
  7.3.3*:Image/video processing forensics
  7.3.4*:Anti-forensics and countermeasures
  7.3.5*:Multi-modal image/video forensics
 7.4:IFS-CRY Image & Video Processing and Cryptography
  7.4.1*:Image/video encryption
  7.4.2*:Image/video processing in the encrypted domain
  7.4.3*:Privacy-preserving image/video processing
 7.5:IFS-APP Image & Video-based Security and Forensics Applications
  7.5.1*:Image/video-based surveillance and intelligence gathering
  7.5.2*:Image/video protection, identification and monitoring
  7.5.3*:Image/video authentication and tamper detection
  7.5.4*:Crime scene imaging analysis
  7.5.5*:Secure printed documents
  7.5.6*:Social media and network systems
  7.5.7*:Cloud and distributed computing systems
8:ISA: Integrated Systems & Applications
 8.1:ISA-BIP Biomedical and Biological Image Systems
  8.1.1*:Segmentation and quantitative analysis for medical & biomedical images
  8.1.2*:Biomedical image registration and fusion
  8.1.3*:Feature extraction and classification for medical and biomedical images
  8.1.4*:Anatomical, functional and molecular data analysis
  8.1.5*:Computer assisted screening and diagnosis
  8.1.6*:Visualization of biomedical data
 8.2:ISA-CIS Computational Imaging Systems
  8.2.1*:Computational Photography
  8.2.2*:Mobile Imaging
  8.2.3*:Pervasive Imaging
  8.2.4*:Human Centric Computing
  8.2.5*:Computational Microscopy
  8.2.6*:Spectral Sensing
  8.2.7*:Tomographic Imaging
  8.2.8*:Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  8.2.9*:Acoustic Imaging
  8.2.10*:Radar Imaging
  8.2.11*:Novel Computational Imaging Systems
  8.2.12*:High-performance embedded computing systems
  8.2.13*:Big Data Computational Imaging
  8.2.14*:Integrated Hardware/Digital Design
  8.2.15*:Non-traditional Sensor Systems
 8.3:ISA-HSS Hardware and Software Systems
  8.3.1*:Special purpose hardware systems
  8.3.2*:Hardware and software co-design
  8.3.3*:Parallel and distributed systems
  8.3.4*:Integrated applications
9:Uncategorized Topics
 9.1*:Uncategorized Topics