ICIP 2018 Paper Submission

Please complete the following fields carefully. The data that you enter here will be used in the published conference proceedings, so be certain that the data is accurate. These fields are required.

Title should be in ALL CAPS and should EXACTLY match the paper submitted. Avoid using LaTeX codes in the paper title; all elements in the title should be representable in a Unicode font.

Make sure the full title is entered; beware of line breaks when pasting from a PDF file.

Limit the abstract text to a maximum of 200 words.

Primary Session Topic

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ICIP 2018 will be using IEEE Xplore® Open Preview!

All papers accepted to ICIP 2018 will be published on IEEE Xplore through Open Preview on 7 September 2018 and will be freely accessible and downloadable by all in final format from 7 September 2018 through 11 October 2018.

ICIP 2018 will be publishing all accepted papers as Open Preview, a new IEEE program designed to increase speed to market, allow for accelerated access to research, as well as increase in visibility of the conference publication. Open Preview allows conference proceedings to be available in the IEEE Xplore digital library, free of charge to all customers, one month before the conference until the conference ends. During this time, all papers will be available via the conference mobile app and on IEEE Xplore.

After the conference is over, the conference proceedings will no longer be open to all through the IEEE Xplore Open Preview and your ability to access the proceedings will depend on your own subscription or the subscription of your organization/school to IEEE Xplore.

Because the papers will be available on IEEE Xplore early, the deadline for full paper submission of accepted papers will be firm, with no exceptions granted under any condition. Check that all figures are showing up correctly, and that all required acknowledgements are included in your paper.

Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards will be selected in a multistage process, using paper review scores and additional evaluation by an Awards Committee. Awards winners will receive a cash prize and certificate, presented during ICIP 2018.

Best Student Paper Requirements for Eligibility:

  1. The first author must be a student.
  2. The student must still be considered an enrolled student at the time of submission of the ICIP 2018 paper.
  3. The student must attend ICIP 2018 and present the paper.

Conference Best Paper Award for Industry Requirements for Eligibility:

  1. Refer to the Signal Processing Society website for award criteria.

Authors should be aware:

  1. All accepted papers must be accompanied by at least one full-rate registration.
  2. Papers that are not presented at ICIP 2018 by an author will not be published either in the final proceedings for the conference or in IEEE Xplore.